“We believe in the things we create, in our people and in the art of the master leather goods craftsman. We believe in the culture of beauty as an expression of the pursuit of excellence, creating living products that are born from materials that are emotionally involving.
We like to transfer this concept to those who receive our products through the objects we create, so that they can convey this value and leave a mark”.
This is our vocation.
Brunella Gabbrielli
Managing Director
Andrea Bacci
Chief Executive Officer

The innovative beauty of craftsmanship

Conceiving and shaping are actions that involve the mind and hands. In this way, for almost thirty years we have been inventing and producing high-luxury accessories, artifacts that tell a story.

All-encompassing manual skills in all products and maximum attention to detail: this is our mission. Attention to the quality of our production starts from the choice of raw materials to the finished product, subjecting each item to numerous quality checks before shipping. The quality of our products is our guarantee. Each task is carried out with high safety standards and excellent materials.

Technological innovation

Advanced production technology is perfectly combined with the inimitable skill of the human hand. We transform the tradition of the master leather goods craftsman into elegant and timeless objects. Elegance requires discretion and wisdom, the ability to emphasise the whole with their unmistakable uniqueness.

The origins of AB Florence: a history of passion

Our creations are capable of inspiring emotions, of conveying a taste for beauty, of telling a story of excellence and passion. Tradition is what man tries to rely on in an attempt to individualise his identity, thereby allowing it to outlive himself.

Raw materials, fine leathers, glass, wood, fabrics, resins

Materials have their own origins, as do ideas. Often it is ideas that give materials a new meaning, transforming them into the main character of new and unique stories. Redefining style, creation and innovation have always inspired every AB Florence project and are at the heart of our vision.

"Skill lies in the detail,
which like a soft caressing breeze
deposits a few seeds of creativity onto a consolidated tradition”

“Quality, precision and the enhancement of luxury.
The objects we surround ourselves with become our fellow travellers
and reflect who we are. For this reason we should surround ourselves with beauty.”

“Each work is a unique piece
made by craftsmen with years of experience and wisdom
who with their dedication and passion make these objects extraordinary.”

“Seeking perfection is not being perfect but continually striving for it.
It is necessary to cultivate aspiration, the innate instinct for research,
the will to succeed and overcome obstacles.”