“We believe in the things we create, in our people and in the art of the master leather goods craftsman. We believe in the culture of beauty as an expression of the pursuit of excellence, creating living products that are born from materials that are emotionally involving.
We like to transfer this concept to those who receive our products through the objects we create, so that they can convey this value and leave a mark”.
This is our vocation.
Brunella Gabbrielli
Managing Director
Andrea Bacci
Chief Executive Officer

Leather Goods

From the very beginning we have tried to provide functional and stylish solutions, characterised by an aesthetic capable of interpreting a contemporary vision of elegance.

The culture and know-how of the master leather goods craftsman represent our deepest roots, are what give us our identity and inspire us to excellence. Leather processing is our main specialisation; for several years we have been handing down our artisans’ knowledge, now transformed into excellent production processes that allow us to work with renowned international fashion and luxury brands. Thanks to style, elegance and continuous research in process innovation, we are able to satisfy any request, guaranteeing the exclusivity of the final products. We work with all types of leather, perform research on them and we evaluate the final results thanks to our team.


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