“We believe in the things we create, in our people and in the art of the master leather goods craftsman. We believe in the culture of beauty as an expression of the pursuit of excellence, creating living products that are born from materials that are emotionally involving.
We like to transfer this concept to those who receive our products through the objects we create, so that they can convey this value and leave a mark”.
This is our vocation.
Brunella Gabbrielli
Managing Director
Andrea Bacci
Chief Executive Officer


The origin of everything begins with the passion of a master leather goods craftsman in an ancient palazzo in Florence, Luciano Ricci. AB Florence was born from this tradition, known in the international marketplace for the high quality and beauty of its products.


The origin of everything is the passion of a master leather goods craftsman in an ancient palazzo in Florence, Luciano Ricci, who in 1945 opened his artisan shop in via Guicciardini to create precious objects that are amazing for the care and beauty with which they were made. The master’s work was imbued with passion, attention to detail, care in the choice of the quality of his leathers, so much so as to make his creations immortal. From these origins, AB Florence was born in 1992: the company brought this art into the future, transforming the shop into an international business project while maintaining the soul, beauty and knowledge of the tradition of the leather goods master of the past.


Reliability, flexibility, integrity and a passion for detail are the values that have made AB Florence one of the best known and most appreciated companies in the international marketplace. We pay particular attention to individuals, to the choice of suppliers and raw materials. For us, every job is a challenge to be won together thanks to the utmost attention to the quality, competence and versatility of the staff who work there.


AB Florence is now recognised by both national and international brands for its excellent quality in the creation of any type of product thanks to an enhanced and inherited know-how and thanks to the choice of materials in line with a very demanding customer base; but it is above all thanks to its reliability that AB Florence has become the ideal partner for the biggest fashion and luxury brands. We do not feel we have arrived yet, however, and a future of new challenges awaits. That is why we have decided to continue investing in research and innovation to consolidate and increase the excellence that distinguishes us.

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