“We believe in the things we create, in our people and in the art of the master leather goods craftsman. We believe in the culture of beauty as an expression of the pursuit of excellence, creating living products that are born from materials that are emotionally involving.
We like to transfer this concept to those who receive our products through the objects we create, so that they can convey this value and leave a mark”.
This is our vocation.
Brunella Gabbrielli
Managing Director
Andrea Bacci
Chief Executive Officer

Raw Materials

Attention to detail and the high quality of raw materials are our strengths. The craftsmanship expressed by the ancient trades is to be safeguarded on a par with works of art.

Fine leathers, glass, wood, fabrics, resins.

The continuous research to consolidate excellence that is part of our DNA is also applied in the choice and use of raw materials. We use non-toxic materials in full respect of the environment and we also develop projects with biodegradable materials. We specialise in the use of leather but we also use glass, wood, plexiglass, fabrics and resins.

We never demand anything less than the highest quality also in the choice of all our raw materials. Each substance requires specific expertise for its processing that our craftsmen and our research and development department have acquired with experience. From the individual characteristics of the raw materials we are able to create surprising products that transmit beauty, quality and tradition to satisfy the requests of the most demanding customers. Briefcases, suitcases, bags, wallets, trunks, laptop cases, desk sets, hat boxes, table game boxes, jewelry boxes, beauty cases, visual merchandising, packaging and furnishings are only some of our products.

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