“We believe in the things we create, in our people and in the art of the master leather goods craftsman. We believe in the culture of beauty as an expression of the pursuit of excellence, creating living products that are born from materials that are emotionally involving.
We like to transfer this concept to those who receive our products through the objects we create, so that they can convey this value and leave a mark”.
This is our vocation.
Brunella Gabbrielli
Managing Director
Andrea Bacci
Chief Executive Officer

Our Commitment

Honesty, transparency, attention to people, seriousness, competence, research, development, cooperation, respect for the environment, quality, timeliness and originality: all essential prerequisites for the achievement of its economic, productive and social objectives.

A group of people who share a common goal can achieve the impossible.

The Company believes in the value of work and considers impartiality, rectitude and transparency in its actions as essential prerequisites for achieving its economic, production and social objectives. AB Florence is aware of contributing through its activities, with a sense of responsibility and moral integrity, to the process of developing the Italian economy and the civil growth of the country.

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